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Daily Meds

Daily meditations sent to your phone on WhatsApp Monday to Friday to help you start and maintain a Mindfulness practice...

Start a new Mindfulness practice today

Building a new habit is difficult! It's easier just to do what we've always done, but we know where that gets us! One of the main issues is remembering to practise your new healthy habit. So if you're starting a mindfulness practice, or trying to maintain one, this is for you!

Each weekday (Mon-Fri) I will send an original practice to your phone on WhatsApp to help you to remember to practise. Short, accessible practices of mostly 5-10 minutes will incorporate Mindfulness, Compassion and Positive Psychology. Simply press play and tune in when you find the time throughout the day.

The benefits of practising Mindfulness are well documented and backed up by neuroscience. Everyone who has engaged with these have reported benefits almost instantly.

The practices will be guided by Jessica Paton, accredited Mindfulness & Compassion teacher and will be sent as either a link to a practice on SoundCloud or as an audio you listen to directly on your phone.

Are you ready to start practising?

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Receive daily practices to your phone (mostly between 5-10 mins)

Squeeze into your day whenever you have time

Helps with buidling awareness, stopping overthinking and learning to be kind to yourself

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What are the Daily Meds?

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Mindfulness can be done anywhere - not just sitting on a mat. A range of practices sent to you using sitting primarily, but also movement, walking, stretching and various breathing techniques.

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Practices to help you be kinder to yourself, and to notice when you're not being kind to yourself to start making changes to the way you are with yourself. Making the most of our evolutionary systems that respond to kindness.

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Positive Psychology


We hear a lot about gratitude, but there are plenty of practices that actually rewire your brain for happiness. A way of feeling happy right now, in the present moment, rather than waiting for X, Y or Z to happen!

Meet Your Teacher

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Hi, I'm Jessica

I have seen huge - and instant - transformations in so many people who practise Mindfulness...people say that time is the biggest factor, so I have created lots of different Mindfulness, Compassion and Positive Psychology practices, of between 5-10 mins to make it really accessible to everyone.

And the fact you receive them directly to your phone means it will keep it top of mind, so you can squeeze it in when you have some downtime.

PS What I'm doing here is actually a Compassion practice - Self Soothing - a range of gestures that tap into our caregiving system to help us feel calm.

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Have Questions?

We Have an Answer!

What if I change my number?

Simply let me know, and I'll delete the old number and add your new one!

What if I don't want others in the WhatsApp group to see my number?

You can change your settings so your number reamins hidden.

Not another WhatsApp group - I receive so many notifications!

The group is set for posting by admins only, meaning Jessica is the only one who can post in the group, so one post per day. And this group can actually really change your life for the better!

I don't have WhatsApp...what can I do?

Unfortunately, this is the way the service is conducted at the moment. If you do not want WhatsApp on your phone, you can download it on your computer and access the practices from there.



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